5 Myths About Launching Your First Course or Group Program

There’s a lot of noise on the internet around launching courses and group programs - what to do, what not to do, what your goals should be, etc. It’s not all bad advice, but inevitably a lot of bull shit gets thrown into the mix.

If you're getting ready to sell your first course or group program, it won't take long for you to look like this:

So, if you've got your Britney face on, pause what you’re doing and read these five myths about selling your program:

Myth 1: I need to have 1,000+ people on my email list

Having an established, engaged list of followers is always going to give you a leg up when launching a new program. But, that doesn’t mean your list needs to be massive just to get anywhere.

The most important thing you can do is understand how your email list relates to your sales goals. You don’t need a list of 1,000 people to launch a course, but if you want to sell 100 spots then chances are a list of 250 isn’t going to cut it.

BUT also remember that the mere act of launching brings in new people who are interested in what you’re doing, even if they don’t by the first (or second) time around. Thus, your launches should keep getting stronger every time you do one.

Myth 2: A 6-figure launch needs to be your goal

Just because there’s a bunch of people on the internet talking about how they woke up one morning half a million richer doesn’t mean that’s a realistic goal to set for yourself. Doing so can hold you back from achieving the kick-ass things that are within your current capabilities.

Depending on what your course and launch costs you, breaking even is a great goal your first time around. If you exceed your costs and make a profit that’s even better.  

Courses and group programs cost time and money to put together when you first get into the game, but a lot of that work lasts you through launches to come - that’s when you can start ramping up your profit goals.

Myth 3: Your VA can Single-Handedly Launch Your Course

There is NOTHING wrong with having a VA on hand to help you through a launch. In fact, I highly recommend it.

However, expecting your VA to also totally engineer the strategy behind your launch is hiring them above their skill level and pay-grade. If you need help beyond the scheduling and mechanics of your launch - with things like messaging, structure, or your pitch - you need someone that specializes in marketing strategy.

Myth 4: If you're a marketer, a Marketing Strategist can’t help you launch smarter

If you read Myth #3 and thought that didn’t apply to you because you work in marketing yourself, think again. If you typically work with clients that are different from yourself, a marketing strategist that works with entrepreneurs like you will definitely have something to bring to the table.

Even if you do work with clients in a similar space to yours, we all know doing for ourselves what we recommend to our clients is one of the hardest things we never talk about! You may be more capable of launching alone than others, but it doesn't mean a marketing strategist can't help.

Myth 5: I can sell my course through referrals, just like I do my services

If you’re adding a course or group program to your service menu, it’s really important you understand this.

If you’re taking the high-level group program route, there is some wiggle room. With a deep enough network, you could probably fill your first and maybe second program via referrals. But, eventually, that strategy is going to lose steam.

This is partly because the goal of courses and group programs is to work with more clients in a shorter period of time, so you need more referrals and go through them faster. Also, those conversion rate goals are supposed to be going up, remember?!

If you wait until the direct referrals dwindle to start marketing to new leads collected through social media and your email list, you might be in for a shock. You’ll have a basket of cold leads that may need at least 6-12 months before biting.

That’s why it’s important to launch from the start, no matter what. You can keep working those referrals while you’ve got them, but you’ll be building a primed, warm fan base to work with later.


So now that you know what not to be thinking as far as your launch goes, you probably want to know what you should be focusing on... 

Find out with my Ultimate Launch Checklist: