The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before Creating a Course

In case you haven't picked up on the point I've been trying to drive home this week, I figured today I would just be really in your face blunt about it.

We're going to talk about the number 1 thing that you need to know before you start creating a course or a group program…

Watch or read below to see what it is and why it’s so important!


So what is it?

Creating your course or group program without pulling together a game plan before you start, can cost you a crazy amount of wasted time and money.

I've already told you how to use user experience to create that game plan. Now I'm focusing on why it needs to be your first order of business.

Let's start with time.  

When your one-on-one services are full, that's absolutely a sign that you're ready to start scaling with a course or a group program. But, it also means that you're time to actually make that happen is super limited. When you do have time to work on your program, you need to spend it on exactly what needs to be done in that moment and nothing else.

A huge challenge with making the 30 and 45 minute breaks between your client calls productive is knowing what to use them for. When you sit down and create a project plan and schedule before you even start working on your course, you know exactly what you should be doing and you can just dive in and get to work.  

There's no more spending the first 15 minutes trying to figure out what you should be doing with the final 15 minutes. It's productivity at it's best!


Now let’s talk about how this is costing you money.  

Courses can be expensive to produce, but they don't have to be. When you make things up as you go along, you might wind up spending money on tools that you either don't need or aren't going to work the way that you want them to. You might also start subscriptions before you’re ready to use the services that you're paying for. 

When you work through all the details of your course up front, you can layout everything that you need, identify the tools, extra help that you'll want to bring on board and spend a little time searching for budget-friendly options or exploring alternatives if those aren't available.

One of the worst things you can do is invest in something you decide isn't actually right for your course or group program, but you've invested so far you feel like you have to follow through. You wind up wasting a ton of money on something that doesn't even feel in alignment.

Here’s an example: say you want to do videos for every lesson or module of your course, but you only want to do them if they're going to be really high quality. If you know that up front, and you know how many you're going to need, you can research, good at video editor, plus the cost of things like graphics and music that you'll want to put in your video.

Then you can assess up front whether it's something that you want to move forward and invest with or if you would rather just do Facebook live videos the first round of your course.


Shooting from the hip and making it up as you go along will quickly leave you overwhelmed, over budget, and take twice as long for you to complete your finished product.

That alone is something you can't afford because time is money and every extra day you spend trying to finish your course, is a day that you could've been selling it.  

I can help you put together your game plan and I can keep you on schedule! I do it with my Course Construction Sidekick program: a 10-week project management service that makes completing your course a smooth, quick and easy process.

But you have to ask for it!

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