How to Pick a Webinar Topic for Your Next Launch

If you’ve already gotten my Automated Launch Map, then you know I looove to kick off a launch with a great webinar. (And if you HAVEN’T gotten it yet, scroll to the bottom of this post and click that beautiful button!)

Webinars are certainly not the only way to get the job done. But, I think the live, visual engagement you get through a webinar is unmatched. It allows your people to get to know the real you, not just the one that’s popping up in their inbox once a week or so. It’s also an awesome opportunity to bring in new folks who don’t know you at all!

But when it comes to the success of your launch, the “getting to know you” is just a small part. What’s way more important is making sure you choose the right webinar topic to send people into your launch funnel.

This is a confusing concept to some, but it’s really important - so let’s break it down.

There’s a few reasons we’re starting with a Webinar (or other lead magnet / free event) to kick off our launch:

  • Identify the people who are interested in the general problem your offering solves
  • Give them some real, honest value (for both karma & credibility), usually in the form of a free taste test of your offering
  • Draw a clean line from the problem that’s attracting them to the solution you’ve got

That last point tends to be where things get murky, but it’s the most important one. Here’s an example:

Your Offering: A step-by-step guide to getting started with and sticking to the Bullet Journal. 
Problem as seen by your potential customer: “I’m overwhelmed by all my work / personal / family responsibilities and plans and have no room to even think about setting goals.”
Your webinar topic: Simple Strategies for Better Time Management, Long-Term Planning and Goal Setting

Spoiler Alert: All the simple strategies you lay out in your webinar are things that are best achieved and most cohesive when done together in...drum roll….a Bullet Journal.

You webinar should include information that’s valuable with or without your guide - basics of monthly and weekly planning, goal setting, and different types of shorthand. However, your sales pitch will come in when you talk about how all these strategies are really maximized and fully leveraged when done together using a Bullet Journal and why. Acknowledge some of the challenges - like keeping up with it regularly over time - and move right into pitching your guide and how it tackles them.

When built effectively, your webinar is an opportunity to take a broad and common problem and niche it down to something easily solved by your product or service. Your webinar topic is the line that connects the two, so you’ve got to make sure it’s as straight as possible.

If you want some more examples, go find some in action! Start signing up for promo webinars that other people are doing and pay attention to the following:

  • How useful was this info if you DON’T choose to purchase the offering that’s being promoted?
  • Did you notice when the webinar transitioned from raw value to sales pitch? How much time was spent on each?
  • How smooth was the transition from the raw value to the sales pitch?
  • Was the webinar successful at piquing your interested about the offering? Why or why not?

With my clients, I often like to make a short list of topics (2-3) and then explore what that basic line to the product would look like. We pick the strongest path and start developing the content!

Ready to get going on your webinar, and the rest of your launch?

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