Introducing Course Construction Sidekick

Today I'm announcing my newest service offering, and it's going to rock your world...

More specifically, it'll totally change the way you create your next course or group program. Course Construction Sidekick takes the bird's eye view and the down-in-the-weeds details and ties them up into the one neat package to create your amazing course.

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Hey my slam jams! I am so excited to finally share with you my latest service offering: Course Construction Sidekick.

I know you don't offer your coaching and strategy clients anything that's not top notch, so when you finally nail down the concept for a course or group program they'll lose their shit for, it feels like

I also know that once you actually dive into creating your program, the to-dos tend to multiply like rabbits. Before you know it, you're in over your head, totally overwhelmed.

Between keeping your one-on-one clients happy, maintaining a Facebook group, and making sure your email list knows you're still alive, it's easy to get stuck halfway through a single less lesson...and stay there for at least a month.

That’s when you need a Course Construction Sidekick.

Course Construction Sidekick is a 10-week project management service that makes completing your course or group program an easy, clear, and quick process.  

What does that mean?  

  • You start each week knowing exactly what you need to get done by when
  • You can keep your one on one clients happy while still making progress on your course
  • You know exactly when you can expect to have your program done so that you can plan ahead and start looking at when to launch it

Here's the dealio: every day you put off finishing your course is a day you're depriving your people from all the goodness you're packing into it - and leaving money on the table.  

It's time to get it done and get it out into the world.

That is exactly why I created this service for you. I know that you have a killer course inside of you and that your people are going to go crazy for it, so I want to help you speed up the dirty work of getting it into place so you can move onto the fun part: sharing it.

A few more details about what this service looks like:

It lasts for 10 weeks. The first two weeks are for pulling together a custom project schedule. The last eight weeks are for actually getting shit done!

In addition to that custom project schedule, you also get weekly deliverable reports. That means at the beginning of every week I'll send you exactly what you need to be focusing on for that week, plus what's coming the following week so that you can plan ahead.

You'll also get biweekly (every other week) check-ins with me to troubleshoot any issues that' come up, talk through any stuck spots, and make sure you can stay on schedule.

As always, you get unlimited email support from me for the entire 10 weeks we work together.

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