Two Truths & a Lie: Creating a Course Edition

Despite the title of this post, creating a course or group program is no game!

Today we're walking through 2 must-knows plus one HUGE misconception about creating your program. Watch or read below for more!


Hey mamma jammas! Today we're going to play one of my favorite games: Two Truths and a Lie...Creating a Course Edition!!!

Right now, there's a lot of people on the internet talking about creating and selling courses. But when it gets down to the part of actually creating the program, it's usually glossed over and chalked up to "just do it." In reality it's a huge part of the process...duh!

Today we're going to dig a little bit deeper than that. Let's get started!

Truth #1: Creating a course can be a Pandora's box of to-do's

Once you start creating a course, it doesn't take long to realize that a lot of the tasks needed to get it done have about four sub-tasks that have to go with it.

For example if you're creating videos for every one of your lessons or modules, you might write down on your to do list that you just have to make the video for the first module. But pretty quickly you realize you also have to make a slide deck, write a script to go with it, film the video, and then edit the video - or maybe find a video editor who can do it.

Pretty quickly you can go from thinking, "I just have to do these few things and drop it into a course host." It is that simple - but, it's also not that simple at all.  

That's not something that should discourage from creating a course. You just have to leave yourself enough time to complete all the right steps in the right order.

Which leads me to…

Truth #2: Figuring out what to do when can feel like a total clusterfuck.

When every step turns out to be five mini steps, you have to make sure that you can get them done in the right order. If you don't know what the order is or you don't plan it out, it leads to a lot of wasted time - you can't sit down to film a video if you haven't written the script yet!

When you're trying to chip away at your course between one-on-one clients or between childcare this is so important! Getting it right saves you a ton of overwhelm, frustration and you not getting anywhere.

Lie: This shit storm of to-do's and timing means that I need to drop two clients or sleep three hours less a night just in order to get it done.

That is not true! What you need is a little organization and a game plan.

More specifically, you need to get organized and great a game plan before you start work on your program. By doing this, you can

  • Thinks through all of the steps so you don't miss anything
  • Takes into account all of your other responsibilities (like your one on one clients and any family responsibilities)
  • Make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew and create a plan that is unachievable.  

From there, with a little accountability, you'll be all set.

If you need a little help putting together your plan, click the button below to grab my Quick Guide to Creating a Course or Group Program:

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