What Is “Launching” and Why Do I Need to Do It?

If you’ve been in online business for 10 minutes you’ve probably heard everyone talking about launching. Launching their blog, launching their course, launching their services...

And all you can think of is

Close, but no. 

So, what in the actual hell is launching, really? It’s a fair question and it’s one I get a lot more often than you’d think. That’s largely because it’s a word that’s used all the time, and it’s not always intended in the same way. 

A launch is a dedicated period of time where you release targeted content via all your communication platforms with the intention of selling a specific service or product.

Let’s break that down:


A dedicated period of time 

Usually 2-3 weeks, depending on what you’re launching. 

Targeted content via all your communication platforms

Your blog, email list, social media, scheduled smoke signals and any other ways you regularly communicate with your people count as your communication platforms. Targeted content means posts, emails, videos, etc. that are talking about the problem you’re solving, the solution you’re selling, and why it’s the best way to go - ie. your course / group program.

Intention to sell

Everything you do comes with a call to action. That call to action is either to buy or to take advantage of a free offer that will eventually lead to a pitch to buy (like a free download or webinar sign-up).


So, why do we do this?

We launch because simply putting a fresh sales page live on your website and letting your fan club know one or two times is often not enough to meet your sales goal, even if it’s small. 

Usually people need to be poked with an idea at least 6-7 times before they’ll actually act. If you’ve enrolled in an online course, think about how long you knew about the program before you signed up, how long you’d been following the creator, and what it took for you to feel good about the decision. It was probably more than just 1 email or a single blog post in a vacuum.

Another note: you should launch even if you're planning to fill your first group program through your network and their referrals. Why? Because you should be planning on running your program more than once, and you're going to start plowing through those contacts like a pregnant woman burns calories. Even if your first launch doesn't sell most of your slots, it'll bring in the people who are going to buy the second and third time around.

So, where do you start? With my free

Ultimate Launch Checklist

outlining all the steps you need to follow: