What it’s Like to Launch with a Marketing Strategist

When you’re getting ready to start enrolling people in your course or group program, working with a Marketing Strategist might not be your first thought.

But it should be.

Working with a Marketing Strategist to launch your first course or group program means you get:

  • A customized and strategic approach to how to sell your course or group program

  • Clear instructions for how to execute a full strategic launch and the accountability to make sure you get it done

  • Individualized coaching around how to improve and perfect your sales pitch

  • A sounding board and personalized support for what’s commonly the most uncomfortable part of the course process

If you’ve got feels about self-promotion you’ll probably need a little help to launch that new course or group program of yours. Same goes for if your business has been running on referrals for so long, public promotion got you like

So, what does launching with a marketing strategist actually look like? I can’t speak for all, but this is what it looks like when I launch a new product with my clients:

We nail where you are now and set some goals for where you want to go

The first thing I do with all my launch clients is get a feel for their where they are in there business. This includes stuff like how long they’ve been doing it, how much they’re currently earning, and what kinds of results they’re getting for their clients.

What I really like to focus on, though, is where their audience is at - how many people are in their fan club, how and how often they’re being engaged, and what platforms and mediums they respond to most. These are things that inform our launch strategy and make sure any goals my client has are realistic and achievable.

We get working on your launch content

Once the details are ironed out, we get to work! Content is created for a variety of platforms and I look through it all to make sure it’s clear and effective.

This is usually the hardest part and the easiest to put off, so having an accountability partner is usually what makes the difference in seeing that it all gets done!

We develop a promotional webinar and perfect your pitch

I like to kick all my launches off with a webinar because they still work. First we decide on the right topic - that one that’s going to bring in the same people that will also be interested in your course or group program.

We fine tune your presentation and your pitch (your pitch = whatever your call to action is - usually either to buy or to enter into the next step before buying).

We put it all into motion

By prepping all of this work before the launch starts, we can put it all into motion at once, monitoring and tweaking as needed. It also frees my clients up to focus 100% on welcoming their new customers, handling any tech or customer services issues that come up, and you know, sleeping a little bit so they’re not a zombie by the time their program actually starts.

Launching is no joke - there are a bajillion moving pieces to keep track of. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, especially if it’s your first time and/or promotion is just not your forte. 

If you've got an upcoming launch and you'd like it not to be a shit-show, let me help! I have 3 spots open for my Next Level Launch Sidekick program, but you have to sign up by Wednesday, May 24.